WebProve v2.1

This is a second incarnation of my web-based proving tool for single- or multi-method compositions on even numbers of bells (8 - 16). The method lists are built dynamically from the existing MicroSiRiL libraries, hosted at cccbr.github.io/methods-library/. The date the libraries were last updated is shown on the next page.

Up to 26 methods can be chosen against an abbreviation letter (A - Z) on the left-hand side of the next screen; type the first letter of the method you want to select and an autocomplete list will appear for you to select from.

Compositions are entered in the "Composition" box by typing the letter of the method followed (if necessary) by the call required (/ = Bob, # = Single, ! = Other1, , = Other2, % = Other3, & = Other4).

There is now an option to enter the place notation of an unrung method. The format is as per Martin Bright's "Method Printer", i.e.:

  • Symmetric methods are preceded with &; non-symmetric methods with a +.
  • Place notation should be entered omitting external places.
  • - should be used for "all change" (X not supported).
  • Symmetric methods should end with a comma followed by the lead head notation.
  • e.g. &-5-4.5-5.36.4-4.5-4-1,1 or &-3-4-5-6-2-3-4-7,2

Several options of place notations for each type of call are offered. Different methods may be selected against a letter and the composition re-proved without the need to enter it again.

Many thanks are due to Martin Cansdale for his advice and suggestions regarding the user interface for this new version, and to Philip Earis, Robin Hall and David Pipe for their (sometimes less than) constructive feedback.


August 2013
Minor update July 2020